Premium Gardening Tools.

Perfect tools for those with arthritis, rheumatism, painful wrists and hands ! 


Unlike conventional gardening tools, the rack mechanism provides the user with maximum strength with minimal effort. Designed and developed at the highest level, each innovation has been rigorously tested to ensure optimum quality to satisfy both amateur and professional gardeners.
JARDIN DE FRANCE provides the best gardening tools, and we are proud to always improve our tools so as to always give the best to our customers in order to take care of their garden.

JARDIN DE FRANCE is an international company, we have our own trade brand. We sell our products by demonstration, in fairs and exhibitions. We are present in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, England, Scotland, Ireland,…
For us, the most important thing is quality.



How to properly maintain your gardening tools ?

Discover our tips for properly maintaining your tools !

How to replace a part of garden tool ?

Discover our tips for replacing a used or broken part !

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How to contact our S.A.V?

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How to use garden tools in France

Although simple to use, we give you the best way to maintain your JARDIN DE FRANCE Gardening tools, to ensure their long service life and also to optimize their use. The unique rack system as well as the JARDIN DE FRANCE accessories are made precisely to avoid efforts, avoid unnecessary injuries and take full advantage of your gardens.

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